4 May 2021

Everything You Wanted To Know About VMware

There are a number of hypervisor solutions on the market currently. In this blog post, we’ll examine one of the more popular hypervisor solutions – and one that we at Data Canopy use in our virtual private cloud environment: VMware. VMware is a hypervisor solution that allows users to segment hardware resources into strategically resourced [...]
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15 April 2021

Delivering Dependable Connectivity in a State of Emergency

In the February 2021 Texas ice storm, as with many other businesses, a law firm’s data center went down. The law firm was without internet connectivity for three days, unable to get to any of their systems or even their email. They were in a desperate situation with a dire need to get their systems [...]
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13 July 2020

How to Avoid Gotchas When Creating Your Disaster Recovery Plan

In this blog, we are looking back at our BCDR Webinar series and focusing on our webinar that covered how to avoid gotchas when creating your disaster recovery plan. Follow the link below to view the full recording and learn more about developing a clear, effective disaster recovery plan. Overview Developing a disaster recovery plan [...]
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6 July 2020

A Practical Guide To Developing A BCDR Plan

In our blog today, we are looking back at our Disaster Recovery webinar series which focused on a practical guide to developing a BCDR Plan. As we continue to navigate the new normal within the COVID environment, we are seeing more businesses who need help ensuring their business data can weather any crisis or emergency [...]
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12 May 2020

Top 3 VPN Best Practices For Remote Employees

As companies make the rapid transition to a remote workforce, many organizations are pivoting to implementing a VPN as a means for their employees to securely access their workload. A virtual private network, or VPN, provides security by encrypting the data you send and receive when you’re working online, but misuse can threaten your infrastructure’s [...]
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30 March 2020

Adapting to the New Work from Home Requirements with VPN and Terminal Servers

In our current environment due to the spread of COVID-19, many businesses – some of whom have never implemented a telework policy – are now forced to enable their employees to work from home in order to keep their business on track. The good news is businesses can leverage VPN and remote terminal servers to [...]
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25 March 2020

The Top Three Things to Consider When Developing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Now more than ever, organizations need sound plans for business continuity and disaster recovery to ensure they can weather any crisis or emergency that may come its way. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans, which are both strongly related, will ensure your organization will remain operational after an adverse event. With organizations facing many challenges [...]
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18 March 2020

Tips for Ensuring Resiliency In Your Infrastructure In The Age of Corona Virus

We rarely get advance notice that a crisis is ready to strike. Even with some lead time, though, multiple things can go wrong; every incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways. If you’re concerned about the resiliency of your organization’s infrastructure while considering the unknowns, you’re not alone – and by taking some simple [...]
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13 February 2020

A Practical Guide To Digital Transformation For Your Infrastructure

Digital Transformation (also known as DX or DT) is defined as the cultural, organizational and operational change of an organization, industry or ecosystem through smart integration of digital technologies, processes and competencies across all levels and functions in a staged design. For many organizations, the term is nebulous and achieving a digital transformation seems daunting [...]
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14 January 2020

Digital Transformation Begins with a Modern Data Center

Businesses need a solid infrastructure foundation on which to innovate. More than ever, business leaders know that long-term success demands digital transformation. To compete, they must think differently about how to leverage technology to drive efficiencies, meet customer demands and attract top talent. Yet companies can’t achieve much without a modern infrastructure. True transformations are [...]
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17 December 2019

5 Steps to Ensure Your Data Recovery Plan Will Work

Did you know? It’s estimated that upwards of 93% of organizations who lose servers for 10 days or more during a disaster filed for bankruptcy within the next 12 months, that 43% of them never reopen, and that 51% close within two years? For the small to medium-sized businesses, a day to a week of [...]
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12 November 2019

4 Benefits for Disaster Recovery In The Cloud

Critical incidents such as natural disasters or man-made disasters do not come with a schedule. At Data Canopy, we understand that your data is a precious asset that should be protected from any unplanned event. That’s why we recommend that migrating your data to the cloud  be considered for your disaster recovery plan. By optimizing [...]
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30 September 2019

Failure Is Not An Option: Making Your Data Backups Failure Proof

Most organizations will experience a form of data loss at least once in their lifetime. Knowing this fact, it is even more important to ensure any data you may have is backed-up, so you don’t find yourself needing data recovery. In our blog today, we will dive into the depths of data back-ups discussing: Why [...]
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28 August 2019

Defining Recovery Point Objective

In our two-part blog series, we will review how to calculate your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). In part two below, we look at how to calculate your RPO (Recovery Point Objective)  RPO: Recovery Point Objective An RPO measures the acceptable amount of data loss after a disruption of service. Or [...]
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16 August 2019

Defining Recovery Time Objective

In this two-part blog, we will explore and define Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). In part one, we will examine RTO (Recovery Time Objective). What is RTO and RPO? Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective may sound alike, but they are entirely different metrics in disaster recovery and business continuity management. [...]
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1 August 2019

Eight Steps For Planning Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Are you prepared if disaster strikes your company?  Along the East Coast and Gulf Coast, we’re in the middle of hurricane season. Before the next big storm, now is time to prepare your business with an IT Disaster Recovery Plan. It seems every season, mother nature is always throwing a curve ball when you least […]

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10 November 2017

What You Need to Know Before You Choose Backup Solutions

With a myriad of different options in the marketplace for storage and backup solutions, you know you have to do something to protect your data, but what’s not so easy is knowing where to start. Before you decide on what backup or disaster recovery solution to implement, it’s highly recommended to start off by knowing your […]

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13 October 2017

Business Continuity Isn’t Just for Other Businesses

Your business is not immune to interruption. The term "disaster" conjures up images of flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires, but if you don't live in an area typically impacted by these natural disasters, it's easy to think that you don't have to worry about it. Disaster recovery and business continuity isn't just for these sorts of [...]
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19 May 2017

Three Tips for Growing Your MSP Organically

It’s common knowledge that maintaining revenue levels is what keeps a business afloat. Growing your business though can be a challenge, especially for managed service providers who must juggle client demand and overhead. How do you increase your profits while remaining competitive? How do you maximize billable time and add new clients without burning out […]

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14 April 2017

Fidelity & Guaranty Life Grows Strategically with Data Center Outsourcing

Fidelity & Guaranty Life operates a lean organization that competes in the market with companies that have many more employees as well as additional overhead. In order to relieve their overburdened IT infrastructure team from the tedious and costly efforts required to build and maintain their primary and redundant data center facilities, FGL turned to […]

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31 March 2017

Before, During, and After a DDoS Attack – Tips for Survival

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack can cripple your business’s ability to operate. Denial of service is simply sending enough illegitimate traffic to a designated target to consume all the targets’ resources so that legitimate traffic cannot reach the target. Distributed denial of service is the same attack, but coming from multiple sources. In most […]

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3 March 2017

The Sky Is Falling! Lessons from the AWS S3 Outage

This week, I have been inundated with articles on the terror that was the AWS outage. I have read everything from an article touting the downfall of AWS to promises that their solution could have avoided the disaster all together. Well, as with most things the reality is neither that cut and dry or dire. […]

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20 January 2017

Quick Questions: What Does the C-Suite Get Wrong About Data Centers?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to data centers and the cloud. Some execs think EVERYTHING needs to be in the cloud yesterday. Others have concerns about making the change from a traditional in-house server environment to the data center. Misconceptions can set you up for failure or deter your company from upgrading into […]

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5 December 2016

Three Reasons to Host in a Third-Party Data Center

It’s easy to be cavalier about where your hardware is sitting when it is functioning properly and easily accessible. However, there are many challenges facing those who decide to keep their infrastructure in places other than a professional data center. Below are a couple items to think about, and reasons why hosting gear in a […]

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19 October 2016

Colocation and Disaster Recovery Save Insurance Firm $1M in Yearly Operating Costs

Like many businesses this $2B insurance firm’s infrastructure had aged and they were interested in upgrading their technology and colocation solutions so they issued a request for proposal. As part of their due diligence in responding to the RFP, Data Canopy interviewed the stakeholders at the insurance firm to more deeply understand its pains and business goals. What we identified […]

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22 March 2016

Four Reasons to Review Your Current Hosting Contracts Today

The average data center client stays with their colocation provider for 5-10 years. If service is great and your needs are met, that’s great! But even so in 5-10 years, heck in 2 years, the market can shift pretty significantly and you might not be getting the best price or service any longer. Pricing fluctuates, […]

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25 February 2016

How Geographical Redundancy Can Save Your Data Center from Disaster

When the word disaster is spoken it conjures up the images of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods. Weather events that happen out in the world to someone else, but not to your business. However, real disasters (and not just those from Mother Nature) impact businesses regularly and often lead to them closing. So how do you protect […]

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4 February 2016

Could Your Business Survive a $9000 per Minute Loss?

A data center outage isn’t always the result of a monster storm or other act of God, in fact studies show that only 10% of outages are weather related – and they’re more common and costly than you might think. A new research report from the Ponemon Institute reviews the current costs of data center […]

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29 January 2016

The Truth About Data Center Downtime

For the business owners and IT managers, data center downtime is the stuff of nightmares. Servers crashing and unresponsive, hours, days, even months of work obliterated, sales calls missed, clients angry, business slowing, it’s enough to make you wake up in a cold sweat. In the hyper-connected world we live in today, downtime is more […]

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17 November 2015

Calculating the Impact of a Disaster on Your Business

In a recent CIO Magazine poll of more than 200 top IT executives, a 52% increase in business continuity/disaster recovery budgets was reported for this year. This increase in budget is a direct correlation to a rising awareness of the importance of disaster recovery. If your organization hasn’t devoted resources to disaster recovery efforts, now is […]

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13 November 2015

The Disaster Recovery Checklist for Every Business

More and more business processes are reliant on always-on systems to function. Locally hosted applications, SaaS applications, voice over IP phones, and more keep our businesses running and employees productive. When a disaster strikes, preparedness can mean the difference between getting your organization back online and operating quickly and going out of business. In fact [...]
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30 October 2015

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Distance for Your Disaster Recovery Site

When it comes to choosing the disaster recovery site for your business, one size (or distance) does not fit all. There are several factors you must consider regarding your business's unique risks to ensure that your DR site is appropriate and offers the protection you require. Environmental Impact – Consider seismic zones, flood plains, hurricane [...]
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