Businesses need a solid infrastructure foundation on which to innovate.

More than ever, business leaders know that long-term success demands digital transformation. To compete, they must think differently about how to leverage technology to drive efficiencies, meet customer demands and attract top talent.

Yet companies can’t achieve much without a modern infrastructure. True transformations are built on solid foundations.

Data storage, management, and security are prerequisites to digital success for almost every business. According to a survey included in “The Modern IT Infrastructure Insight Report” by CDW, most senior IT leaders said they seek better data security, increased productivity, and greater business agility with their IT investments. And they want to achieve all that while reducing infrastructure costs.

Modernize the Data Center in a Multitude of Ways

A modernized data center solution can make it all possible, and there are plenty of options to consider such as should a business move all its workloads into the cloud, or develop a hybrid approach? Should it move toward the scalability and high availability of hyperconverged infrastructure or stick with a more traditional approach?

A good case in point, Data Canopy had the opportunity to work with a financial services organization who had an on-premise data center with malfunctioning air conditioning and were experiencing downtime that impacted their ability to operate and maintain compliance. They were not end of life yet on some core infrastructure but wanted to virtualize the rest to modernize and ensure they had the redundancy and backups they required. This organization decided that their digital transformation would be a combination of physical colocation and cloud hosting to meet their data center needs.

In a separate instance, we worked with an organization that had operational application as well as development requirements. In this case, the organization leveraged our Canopy Connect for multi-cloud connectivity. With Canopy Connect, the organization was able to spin up and down services as needed but to also connect to their private cloud for more mission critical data with virtualized disaster recovery to ensure uptime in the event of an outage. This multi-cloud flexibility allows the organization to improve efficiency and lower costs while maintaining business continuity.

In choosing its path, each business started with a clear understanding of its current and future needs and worked with Data Canopy as trusted advisers to arrive at the best solution. That’s the right way to approach any sizable IT upgrade — especially a data center modernization effort, which is often the foundation upon which all future digital transformation is built.

For many organizations, a digital transformation brings new challenges. Industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services must assess their data needs and find the right data solution that will optimize their overall business performance without sacrificing security. Data Canopy can help your business with private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid connectivity to ensure your infrastructure is well connected and more easily managed.