Everything You Wanted To Know About VMware

There are a number of hypervisor solutions on the market currently. In this blog post, we’ll examine one of the more popular hypervisor solutions – and one that we at Data Canopy use in our virtual private cloud environment: VMware.

VMware is a hypervisor solution that allows users to segment hardware resources into strategically resourced virtual machines, allowing for multiple applications to be utilized within the same physical server environment.  VMware makes operating the data center fundamentally easier. It is unique because it offers unmatched flexibility, can assist with most applications, and can deploy to any type of cloud and any device. It also provides the ability to augment your infrastructure as you need to. Let’s discuss the benefits of VMware working with multi-tenant environments and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Multi-Tenant Environments: 

    • This is when a single instance of the software will run on one server and serve multiple customers, logically separated.
    • VMware delivers excellent economies of scale and provides significant cost savings
    • You only pay for the resources you require, which eliminates the need for you to purchase large amounts of hardware for smaller environments.
    • With VMware, you do not need to plan for growth in the future.  Your environment is scalable

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: 

    • This is an IT architecture that incorporates computing and storage across two or more environments.
    • VMware Cloud (VMC) can deploy with hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, and others
    • When you deploy a VMware environment with these provider’s infrastructure, you decrease the learning curve for administrations and can match like environments.  This can result in saved time and cost for administrators.
    • With VMC on a hyperscaler platform you can leverage the hyperscaler’s native tools without needing extensive training.
    • You can build your cost up and down depending on your demand.

Potential Pitfalls:

    • When you use VMware on a hyperscale provider, most of the time you are required to purchase several total hosts, as opposed to just the resources you require today, which can result in some difficulty when optimizing your cloud without stranded resources.
    • If paired with a hyperscaler, you will be subject to egress fees which are monthly costs associated with how much data is pulled down from the hyperscale environment, but that is not specific to VMware and can be mitigated by leveraging cost-cutting solutions available on the market.

VMware is one of Data Canopy’s hypervisors of choice for our multi-tenant and private cloud infrastructure customers. VMware platform for cloud infrastructure allows for increased flexibility and scalability, regardless of the cloud platform you choose for your organization, be it private, multi-tenant, or public (hyperscaler) platform. To learn more about Data Canopy and our solutions, contact our team today.

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