infrastructure-images-6Like many businesses this $2B insurance firm’s infrastructure had aged and they were interested in upgrading their technology and colocation solutions so they issued a request for proposal. As part of their due diligence in responding to the RFP, Data Canopy interviewed the stakeholders at the insurance firm to more deeply understand its pains and business goals. What we identified was a need to move to a more secure data center facility and an opportunity to drastically reduce costs at their geo-redundant data center by relocating facilities and optimizing gear and utilization.

With an eye toward increasing ROI and efficiency, Data Canopy architected a solution that helped the firm to identify the colocation data center facilities that met their requirements and allowed for growth in Ashburn, VA and Austin, TX. The total solution delivers 24x7x365 access to data with full redundancy for disaster recovery and optimal productivity.

Read the case study to get further details on how one insurance firm reduced costs, increased productivity by 500%, and improved upon the IT infrastructure for its team.