26 May 2021

A Guide to Comparing Azure and AWS

The industry has become saturated with cloud computing providers causing some confusion for businesses when deciding which is best for their needs. While it’s great to have so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to understand the differences between the providers. As a solution provider, we often get questions on the differences [...]
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17 May 2021

Is Hybrid Cloud the Custom-Fit Solution For Your Business? Seven Benefits to Consider

Determining what type of cloud is the best fit for your business can take a considerable amount of research and expertise. While undergoing your discovery process, you will likely find that your business requirements do not fit into the frame of just one type of solution. A suitably deployed cloud can improve your overall business [...]
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4 May 2021

Everything You Wanted To Know About VMware

There are a number of hypervisor solutions on the market currently. In this blog post, we’ll examine one of the more popular hypervisor solutions – and one that we at Data Canopy use in our virtual private cloud environment: VMware. VMware is a hypervisor solution that allows users to segment hardware resources into strategically resourced [...]
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15 April 2021

Delivering Dependable Connectivity in a State of Emergency

In the February 2021 Texas ice storm, as with many other businesses, a law firm’s data center went down. The law firm was without internet connectivity for three days, unable to get to any of their systems or even their email. They were in a desperate situation with a dire need to get their systems [...]
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9 April 2021

Private or Public Cloud; Which One is a Better Fit for Your Business?

The cloud is not just the wave of the future but the here and the now. Largely, businesses are still confused by what exactly the cloud is, therefore, understanding the difference between the types of cloud computing isn't exactly on their radar. First, let's simplify the cloud; The cloud is a global network of servers [...]
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25 March 2021

How to Prepare for a Smooth Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is an inevitable step for any business with a virtualization plan. In many of our blogs, we have discussed the benefits of shifting to the cloud, but what about the migration process? There are potential pitfalls that you want to avoid, including unanticipated costs, scope creep, and incompatibility issues. Having a [...]
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25 February 2021

Top Three Biggest Headaches When Changing Colocation Providers

The thought of switching colocation providers can give any IT director a headache – if not handled properly, it can interrupt business operations and be an unpredictable cost center.  However, if you have the right hosting provider, they will help to ensure your move is simplified and cost efficient. What follows is how you can remedy [...]
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5 January 2021

Three Considerations for Companies Transitioning to the Cloud

In today’s COVID-impacted business environment, the shift to cloud computing is accelerating quickly. Companies are finding they must adapt to a fully remote workforce, make do with less resources, and protect themselves against ever growing threats to data security. When making the move to cloud, these are the top three considerations: 1)      Scalability: To remain competitive, businesses [...]
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