Data Center Consolidation

Take your IT infrastructure from cost center to innovation center.

Consolidate to Innovate

As your business grows and technology advances, the data center environment can become redundant and servers obsolete. This puts a drain on your resources, impacting service and your ability to keep up with business demands. Companies, such as Fidelity & Guaranty Life, Wells Fargo, and the US Government have realized millions – even billions – of dollars through data center consolidation and been able to focus their IT talents on more strategic initiatives.

When you undertake a well-executed consolidation project you can expect to spend less time and resources on maintaining a bloated infrastructure and increase your agility and alignment with business goals.

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Considerations for a successful data center consolidation

Each IT environment is unique and no two consolidation projects are alike. Before launching into the optimization of your data center, here are a few considerations before start:

  1. Have a goal. Know what success looks like and you will be more likely to get there.
  2. Take a comprehensive IT inventory. You must have a complete picture of your IT infrastructure to know what is running where, what needs to be streamlined or virtualized, and how the organization will be impacted by change.
  3. Move strategically. Consider your equipment’s end of life schedule before a move and understand the impact of downtime as well as major business initiatives and goals so that you can prioritize changes accordingly.

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