In our current environment due to the spread of COVID-19, many businesses – some of whom have never implemented a telework policy – are now forced to enable their employees to work from home in order to keep their business on track. The good news is businesses can leverage VPN and remote terminal servers to allow their employees to connect with the data and applications they need to stay productive and secure.

VPN and Remote Terminal Servers for a Remote Workforce

I want to share a recent experience with a client of Data Canopy’s who is subject to regulatory compliance and whose workforce was entirely in-office prior to the requirement to socially distance.  In order to access mission critical, and highly regulated, data and applications, Data Canopy worked with the client to quickly develop a robust strategy to maximize VPN and remote terminal servers and enable the client’s  65 essential staff members  to be able to work from their homes within 24 hours.

Cost Considerations

Considering the urgency of the request, the client was also sensitive to the potential costs. When considering remote terminal servers, the chief cost factors are the server resources (compute, memory, and storage) along with the additional backup and user disk profiles. In addition, licensing considerations for these servers and users is also a critical factor. Data Canopy was flexible with its contracting options to ensure they had the resources they required at a price they could afford.

Rapid Response

In this unprecedented time, it’s not only imperative that we respond rapidly, but that we work in lock step with each client to ensure the solutions provided successfully meet their needs to keep them on track and productive. With this client, Data Canopy was able to provide a rapid response to by engaging all the key stakeholders and addressing their server and user issues within 45 minutes of receiving the initial call. As part of our strategy, we also engaged Momentum Mobility to address their internal messaging tools and were able to secure immediate approval for beyond-wholesale discounting to the client. Today, the client’s newly remote workforce is accessing the data it needs in order to continue its mission and serve its customers.

As we continue to navigate this new environment, we want to ensure that we are all working together to help our clients to be their resource for sound advice with their Colocation, Cloud and Data Center needs. Right now, it’s about putting people first. When we get to the other side of this crisis, many of us will have built lasting relationships that will enhance not only our business but our lives as well. We are #inthistogether!