Secure, Cost-Effective Multi-Cloud Access

The alternative to expensive multi-cloud access in a hybrid environment

Canopy Connect is ideal for a hybrid environment

Whether you need first-time access to a cloud provider, fast and secure access to multiple clouds, or want to reduce expenses, the Canopy Connect hub hosted at Data Canopy data centers can get you there. Real-Time access to Express Route and Direct Connect wherever you are!

Canopy Connect offers multiple options to connect to the hyperscale providers in order to immediately reduce the expense of saving data to multiple clouds, and reduce egress fees dramatically. Learn how Canopy Connect can give you an affordable multi-cloud solution and cut egress fees in half. 


A virtual direct connection to the Canopy Connect hub, connecting to hundreds of cloud and network service providers via Megaport.


Customers bring in their own carrier and get as many cross connects as they need to an unlimited number of hyperscalers via Megaport.


Customers securely access Megaport through a physical connection at a Data Canopy Tier III data center. Includes climate control, physical security, regulatory compliance support, power, and 99.999% uptime.

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