Cloud Solution Tips Part 1: Questions To Ask Before Procuring Cloud

The cloud is a very commonly used, yet often misunderstood, service. Whether we know it or not, the cloud is used every day from wide scale corporate data storage to...
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Data Centers Tips Part 3: Future-Proofing Your Colocation Environment

It’s very difficult to plan for every possible circumstance for your critical infrastructure and where it lives, but we can sure try. Below are a number of items I recommend...
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Data Canopy Announces Expansion of their Partnership with AVANT EMEA

Relationship expands the AVANT Trusted Advisor network’s access in Europe, Middle East, and Africa to exceptional hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Columbia MD – Data Canopy, worldwide...
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Controlling Cloud Costs – Three Things to Consider

As companies consider a move to the cloud, cost is almost always top of mind.  There are major factors involved in selecting the proper cloud platform. Your cloud journey must incorporate...
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A Guide to Comparing Azure and AWS

The industry has become saturated with cloud computing providers causing some confusion for businesses when deciding which is best for their needs. While it’s great to have so many options...
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Private or Public Cloud; Which One is a Better Fit for Your Business?

The cloud is not just the wave of the future but the here and the now. Largely, businesses are still confused by what exactly the cloud is, therefore, understanding the...
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When It Comes To The Cloud, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

For many organizations, the cloud brings new challenges. In particular, industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services must overcome cloud implementation and monitoring challenges as well as comply with...
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Empowering DevOps with the Hybrid Cloud

The rise of DevOps is coinciding with the rise of hybrid cloud. Are you surprised? In a recent Right Scale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, DevOps adoption rose to...
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Your Data Center Needs – Covered

We simplify regulated and complicated data infrastructure with custom-fit cloudcolocation, and disaster recovery solutions to help your business grow and scale seamlessly.