Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong data centers are business hubs for numerous companies, with a dense concentration of enterprises, networks, IT and cloud service providers. Customers can choose from a broad range of network service providers and interconnect directly to other customers and partners in their digital supply chain.


5 locations in Hong Kong.


Network Service Providers

  • Leading regional internet exchange and one of the most carrier-dense network hubs in Hong Kong.
  • Direct access to AWS, Microsoft Azure including Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud via Equinix Fabric


  • Performance Hub® to enable next-generation WAN architecture for a secure and highly reliable connectivity.
  • Equinix Metal® offers on-demand, high-performance bare metal, directly integrated with Equinix Fabric for direct, on-demand, private access to multiple cloud providers and multiple networks.
  • Automate digital infrastructure and software deployment in minutes, not months, using the most popular DevOps tools with Equinix Metal to support deployments of emerging technologies such as AI.

Cloud and IT Service Providers

  • Ability to connect to hundreds of companies colocated with Equinix in Hong Kong.
  • Equinix Fabric enables providers to quickly offer direct cloud access services globally.
  • Ability to sell to multiple content and digital media providers and network service providers.

Content and Digital Media

  • Interconnect with multiple network service providers and content and digital media providers.
  • Interconnect with a wide variety of content digital media ecosystems (e.g., CDN networks, advertising exchange and e-commerce platforms).