In our new series, “In Focus” we will take a deeper dive in our case studies featuring our wide variety of clients to give you a closer look at Data Canopy’s capabilities.

In this first post, we look at our federal agency client. The contract was awarded to a prime GSA contractor with an IT initiative worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The contractor sought the expertise of several subcontractors to fulfill the breadth of requirements. The agency initially required a 50 kw caged data center space with highly custom requirements that necessitated a solution that would be structured to scale up and down to meet its goals for consolidation. The sub agency contracted to fulfill this requirement had approached larger companies and facilities, but those organizations could not meet the level of customization and price constraints required. The subcontractor turned to Data Canopy to create the right-sized solution at the right price for the agency.

Data Canopy was able to architect a full solution to fulfill the federal agency’s power requirements, which grew from 50 kilowatts to more than 500 kilowatts. Data Canopy’s power-based pricing and its ability to offer flexible cage, cabinet, and power configurations helped the agency to secure the right-sized solution that scaled up and down according to its shifting needs. The federal agency now has a data center services solution that is custom fit to their consolidation needs, saving them money now and over time to ensure the agency grows smartly and utilizes its data center resources as efficiently as possible.

Would your client or your company benefit from a custom data solution? Consider Data Canopy. We are a nationwide hybrid infrastructure provider who can reduce the cost and complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments by connecting, storing, and securing your physical and virtual infrastructure under one invoice. We specialize in custom-fit data center solutions to ensure you are getting the infrastructure, network, redundancy, and security that best support your data and business needs now and as you grow. Contact our team today!