Data Canopy is thrilled to welcome Noah Rasheta as their newly appointed Director of Marketing. With an impressive portfolio spanning over two decades in marketing, including six pivotal years as a Marketing Director, Noah’s addition to the team marks an exciting milestone for the company. 

Expressing his enthusiasm, Noah shared, “I’m excited to join Data Canopy as Director of Marketing, where I’ll have the unique opportunity to blend my passion for marketing with my fascination for the world of data infrastructure and hybrid hosting.” 

Noah’s rich background, characterized by diverse experiences across various industries such as consumer electronics, extreme sports, and digital services, equips him with a distinctive perspective he plans to bring to the data infrastructure world. Notably, his leadership role at Fotopro, where he was instrumental in launching a pioneering line of smartphone photography accessories—including the precursor to the now-famous “selfie stick”—underscores his capacity for innovation and foresight in emerging markets. 

With Noah at the helm of the marketing team, Data Canopy anticipates not only the strengthening of its global branding and online presence but also the introduction of creative marketing strategies that align with its mission to deliver top-tier, future-proof data solutions. 

Data Canopy eagerly anticipates the fresh ideas and dynamic changes Noah will bring to the brand. Make sure to keep an eye out on the horizon for all the wonderful changes. 


About Data Canopy: Data Canopy is a nationwide hybrid infrastructure provider. We reduce the cost and complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments by connecting, storing, and securing your physical and virtual infrastructure under one invoice. Custom-fit data center solutions ensure you are getting the infrastructure, network, redundancy, and security that best support your data and business needs now and as you grow.