Data Canopy, a nationwide hybrid infrastructure provider has acquired Intelishift Technologies Government consisting of partial assets and clients of Intelishift Technologies.

With this acquisition, both Data Canopy and Intelishift Technologies will be able to focus on their go-forward strategic plans. Intelishift Technologies is excited to grow its offerings to Managed Service Providers (MSPS) and related clients and services.

For Data Canopy, this allows them to strategically consolidate the relevant clients and services under Data Canopy brand and offerings.  With the acquisition, Data Canopy now has ownership of partial Intelishift Technologies assets and clients. These clients will gain access to an expansive nationwide network of data centers, extended live support hours, and expanded dark fiber and network connectivity options. 

 “As a co-founder and one of the managing partners of Intelishift, I am very excited to start the integration of these clients under the Data Canopy brand. Having been involved with both firms for over 10 years, it is an honor and pleasure to be able to support these clients under one brand. I’m proud of the work that Intelishift Technologies has done and look forward to growing that foundation in the future,” said Ryan Barbera, CEO, Data Canopy.  

“As Intelishift Technologies moves into the future, this deal allows us to further focus on services and support for our MSP and related clients,” said Kurt Baumann, CEO of Intelishift Technologies. “We feel this deal will best serve all our clients.”

“This acquisition greatly expands the level of support and service we can provide to our clients. We are excited to continue to grow our relationship with these clients,” commented Jennifer Herson, President, Data Canopy. “Even better, the transition will essentially be seamless for clients as we consolidate to deliver enhanced service from individuals that each has long known and trusted.”

“Bringing these clients under the Data Canopy umbrella will provide them access to 24x7x365 live support, as well as expanded data center, cloud, and network connectivity options – not only nationally, but internationally as well,” said CTO, Andrew Iwamoto, Data Canopy. “With the established connections we have on the support team, our clients will be able to maintain and grow their infrastructure with confidence.”

As noted, this consolidation of Intelishift clients and assets, gives clients access to national data center network and upgraded support opportunities while maintaining the trusted individuals who were at the core of Intelishift Technologies. “I am very excited about the opportunity to reconnect with many of my old customers and reengage with a new and advanced data center portfolio. This acquisition brings high-end virtualization options and a true geographically redundant disaster recovery solution to new clients,” said

About Data Canopy:  Data Canopy is a nationwide hybrid infrastructure provider. We reduce the cost and complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments by connecting, storing, and securing your physical and virtual infrastructure under one invoice. Custom-fit data center solutions ensure you are getting the infrastructure, network, redundancy, and security that best support your data and business needs now and as you grow.