Data Canopy and Profit Advisory Group are pleased to present this live, interactive webinar to give you the tools to help you take the necessary steps in the cloud, colocation, and disaster recovery journey with your clients.

We invite you to join Adam Thomas, EVP of Sales Engineering of Data Canopy and Barry Bazen, President of Profit Advisory Group, for our upcoming live webinar on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 1pm ET.

During our webinar we will take you on a 30-minute guided tour that will enable you to be a trusted IT resource for your clients, our discussion will include:

  • What steps you need to take to create a process discovery for colocation, cloud and disaster recovery solutions.
  • How to align colocation, cloud and disaster recovery solutions with the strategic business and technology goals of your client.
  • How to obtain client buy in to colocation, cloud, and disaster recovery solutions.

This will be a deep dive in transformative discovery you won’t want to miss. Reserve your seat today.

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