Happy Holidays! To receive your Data Canopy Elf, be sure to complete this form in full. We will be shipping our elves out on or about November 7th

We have a limited number of Data Canopy elves to send out – 100 to be exact and we want you to post your most creative, festive pictures of your elf helping you celebrate at the office, home office or any space you think your elf should be.

You will need to take pictures of your elf and post them with the hashtag #elfofdatacanopy on your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure tag Data Canopy as well. This contest will have 3 winners – the most creative, most festive and lastly the most unique. 1st place will win a $200 Amazon Gift Card, 2nd place a $100 Amazon Gift Card and 3rd place a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card.  So are you in? Request your elf by click on the button below.

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